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Sealing Services

Ohio Power Wash LLC offers the following sealing services:

  • Sidewalks, patios, steps & brick exteriors
  • Pavers, roof tiles & concrete
  • Resists black growths like mildew and mold
  • Professionally applied

Ohio Power Wash also offers sealing services using EZ Nano Seal. See a live demo on YouTube.

SealingOur sealant penetrates the surfaces of building materials such as pavers, roof tile, and concrete. EZ Nano Seal then locks water and other liquids from entering the top surfaces of those materials, yet allows moisture as it may accumulate under the materials to escape.

Our Nano product is a sealant and not a coating.  Coatings wear off, has significantly less bonding properties, and prohibit subsurface liquids like water from escaping. EZ Nano Seal is a far superior product!

EZ Nano Seal also resists black growths like mildew and mold. It is very difficult for mildew and mold to grow if water moves away quickly and does not have the availability of long term moisture from untreated porous material. Motor oil becomes far easier to remove when it cannot penetrate.

Our product when applied is Super-Hydrophobic which means liquids rigidly stands up tall upon our product due to identical polarities. With time EZ Nano Seal acquires the polarity of the building materials’ surface and dust begins to settle upon our sealant’s surface causing the stand-up appearance to dissipate. However, EZ Nano Seal remains Hydrophobic, blocking liquid out!

EZ Nano Seal is professionally applied.  Of course, the surface must be clean, which may require our technicians to precede the application with pressure washing. EZ Nano Seal for its correct performance must be installed with the correct density and consistently. Because of its unique quick locking capacity it is functional within a half hour from application. Our representative will review your surfaces and provide a no obligation cost offer. Please contact us today.

Why does Nano Technology Provide a Superior Product?
A Nano is 1/10 the size of an atom. In our application, Nanoscience is used to re-engineer traditional chemicals to enter that Nano world and in doing so, acquire profoundly enhanced properties. With our sealant working at that level, it easily moves between atoms and molecules to create a solid lock, which in turn profoundly enhances its sealing capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will EZ Nano Seal leave a Gloss or Shiny (Wet Look) on the Surface? EZ Nano Seal is a penetrating sealer that will NOT leave a gloss or shiny surface. When you have a shiny surface it is because of the acrylics in the sealer. EZ Nano Seal does not have any acrylics. When someone wants the wet look or the shiny look they are not only keeping the water out but are also trapping the water in. That is why the wet look sealers only last from 6 months to 1.5 years. The water is trying to escape and when it does, it takes the sealer with it. EZ Nano Seal is breathable, penetrates up to .25 inches deep and bonds to the surface locking moisture out but lasts a very long time. This is why EZ Nano Seal can last for 5 years!

How does EZ Nano Seal stop mold and mildew? Mold and mildew grows when there is dirt and moisture for a long period of time. When a mold spore is introduced to the mix, it grows.  Mold and mildew is the symbiotic relationship between dirt and a wet surface. We keep the surface dry so that mold and mildew does not have the life force to grow.

Will EZ Nano Seal work on my Travertine? YES! We have many people ask us about Travertine who want the natural look along with a no slip surface. EZ Nano Seal is the answer.

Is EZ Nano Seal slippery? EZ Nano Seal is not slippery. It is a penetrating sealer that repels water but will NOT leave the surface slippery.

Will it enhance my pavers or surface? EZ Nano Seal will not enhance the colors of your surface. We have many people ask us about Travertine who want the natural look along with a no slip surface. EZ Nano Seal is the answer.

Will it lock in the sand? EZ Nano Seal will not lock in the sand. When we do the installation we will replenish the sand but with a coarse sand. There are three types of sand used in pavers.

  • Play Sand – Very fine, easy to work with, easily comes out, can promote mold growth
  • Coarse Sand – Ridged areas, locks together better when applied through wet sand application (Preferred Method)
  • Polymeric Sand – Will lock into place once installed – adds 2 days to installation process – will help reduce weed growth – May produce a paver haze – Additional cost

How long does EZ Nano Seal last? Once applied EZ Nano Seal can last for 5 years.

What surfaces does EZ Nano Seal work on? Pavers, Concrete, Tile Roofs, Stone, Grout, Travertine, and non painted porous surfaces.

Can you put EZ Nano Seal over a painted surface? No. EZ Nano Seal has to penetrate a surface and be able to bond. Paint will not allow that bond to happen.

Can you put EZ Nano Seal over an existing sealer? We do not put EZ Nano Seal over an existing sealer. If we cannot penetrate, then when the old sealer fails it will take the EZ Nano Seal along with it. We can strip the old sealer first, but most the time our pressure washing will get rid of the old sealer prior to installation.

Can I use EZ Nano Seal on my shower? Not at this time. We will be releasing a new product for home use.

How long does it take to install EZ Nano Seal? Typically, once you have been scheduled, we will clean one day and then will return in 2 days after the area has dried to apply the EZ Nano Seal.

Can I purchase EZ Nano Seal and apply myself? Unfortunately, no. EZ Nano Seal has to be installed by a trained professional to give you the long lasting effects you want.

How long before we can walk on EZ Nano Seal? EZ Nano Seal will dry within 15 minutes, but we want to keep the water off of the surface for 4 hours. You can drive on EZ Nano Seal 2 hours after application.

Do we need to move furniture before and after application? We would prefer you to move the furniture before and after the installation. If it is just a few items, we do not mind. But when our inspector comes out to measure and take pictures, if there is a lot, it can be $50 and up to remove furniture.

Is it environmentally safe? EZ Nano Seal is flammable and uses a solvent to penetrate deeply. But the solvent evaporates quickly leaving only the sealant behind. That part of the sealant is safe.

Will it hurt animals? Please keep animals away during the 15 minutes that it is applied, but after the 4 hours and EZ Nano Seal has had a chance to lock, animals are safe.

Is there any maintenance needed to keep up with EZ Nano Seal?  EZ Nano Seal is a great product, but you cant have a new car and never change the oil. As I mentioned earlier, mold and mildew is the symbiotic relationship between dirt and water. We will keep it dry, you just have to keep it clean of dirt. So once a month rinse off the area with a garden hose. We found that people who have pool services ask their pool people to rinse off the area. Rain will also help with the process.

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