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When it comes to quality and professional power washing services, customers in the Dayton, OH area know that they can call Ohio Power Wash LLC when their concrete, wood, or siding surfaces need to be restored. For over 6 years, our team has been dedicated to upholding our high standards for excellent customer service and quality work regardless of the size of the job. Whether your residential or commercial property needs a gutter cleaning service or years of grime and stains removed from your home’s deck, you can trust our team to get the job done, leaving your property looking like new. Give our shop a call and ask one of our staff members about the additional cleaning services we offer or continue reading below!

Deck & Fence Washing

Don’t let the image of your beautiful home or business be tampered with due to a dirt-stained fence or deck, call Ohio Power Wash LLC for quality power washing and cleaning services in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. Pressure-treated wood is one of the most popular services we offer customers due to the incredible and long-lasting results. Believe it or not, wood is one of the most durable materials you can have for a deck or fence as both can withstand everything from serve weather conditions and rot to insects and intense use. We will not only power wash and steam your wooden surfaces, but we will also apply a sealant to protect the lifespan of your deck or fence. If you need your fence or deck professionally washed, give Ohio Power Wash LLC a call today at 937-404-OHIO (6446).

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Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are essential to keeping your home and foundation from experiencing water damage; however, if your gutters are clogged with leaves, grime, and debris it could cause even worse issues down the road. At Ohio Power Wash LLC we provide seasonal gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in the Dayton, OH area. Our team will quickly and safely remove any waste from your gutters while cleaning the metal walls to ensure that both pests and bacteria cannot find a home there! Our cleaning chemicals are safe for both your land and home and only target any remaining bacteria that may be waiting to spread in the proper environment. Call us today and get a free estimate for your residential or commercial gutter cleaning service!

gutter cleaning and power washing services in the dayton ohio
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Concrete Power Washing

You may not think that concrete surfaces can stain or become worn as easily as your walls or countertops, and while concrete is one of the most solid surfaces used to secure our homes and parking lots, over time they can become unpleasant to look at if not taken care of properly. Our staff at Ohio Power Wash LLC specializes in the removal of dirt, algae, oil, gum, and even rust stains from your concrete surfaces in Dayton, OH. Our power washing machines use commercial detergents and cleaning solutions along with hot water to steam clean your concrete surfaces back to their original form. Whether your garage is in desperate need of cleaning or your business’s parking lot has seen better days, let us be your first choice when in need of quality power washing services for your concrete.