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Professional Residential Home Power Washing Services in Dayton, OH

It’s no doubt that your family home in the Dayton, OH area is one of the most precious purchases you will ever make, so why do so many homeowners find the exterior of their home covered in dirt and grime? We know that life can get in the way, leaving you with little time to spend on scrubbing and sanitizing your home’s exterior, that’s why our team at Ohio Power Wash LLC is here to help! We specialize in advanced power washing and fleet washing services for residential clients to give their homes a brand new look.
Over time, everything from algae and moss to other bacteria organisms can live on and within your home’s brick or siding, giving it a worn and unclean appearance. We also offer awning cleaning services, as well.  Thankfully, no stain is a match for our quality technology and powerful cleaning solutions. Call our team today and get a free estimate on your next power washing service.

Residential Exterior Home Cleaning Services

Have you been noticing dark-colored stains forming on the brick, siding, or wood exterior of your home? Is your residence no longer beautiful due to algae or dirt buildup? Don’t give up on your home, call Ohio Power Wash LLC in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas! We specialize in residential exterior home washing services to not only restore the look of your home but to kill any harmful bacteria that may be growing on the surface. Our team of trained specialists uses a combination of surface treatments, cleaning solutions, and modern technology to power wash your residential home’s exterior, having it look good as new by the time we’re finished. Ohio Power Wash LLC is dedicated to protecting and preserving your surfaces, that’s why we are one of the top power washing companies in the area! Schedule an appointment today and request a free estimate.

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The Benefits of Soft Power Washing

When homeowners think of power washing, one of the first things that usually comes to mind is a small hose attached to a generator that emits fairly strong water pressure. While this is true to an extent, our power washing technology at Ohio Power Wash LLC in Dayton, OH is much more sophisticated and customizable than one may think. One of the most common forms of power washing we offer is called “soft power washing”. This means that our team uses lower-pressured water and specific cleaning solutions to safely and quickly remove any dirt or grime from your home’s exterior. Not only do our soft power washing services protect your home from the growth of many bacteria, but they offer the following long-term benefits:

Saves You Money on Potential Repairs

Keeps Pests Away

Longer Lasting Home

Eco-friendly & Gentle Products that Work

Removes Years of Build Up

Provides Long-Lasting Results

Low Pressure to Avoid Damage

Improves Your Home's Image

exterior home power washing services dayton ohio

Common Signs That Your Home’s Exterior Needs to be Cleaned

Each day of the year your residence is exposed to a variety of elements that can create dirt, grime, and even mold residue on the exterior of your home. While it may seem like these elements only affect your home’s appearance, they can begin to damage your brick or siding, that is why it’s essential to contact your local power washing experts at Ohio Power Wash in the Dayton, OH area. We know exactly what to look for when cleaning the outer walls of your home and what solutions will be best based on the condition of your exterior.
Not sure if your home requires professional cleaning services? Here are a few of the most common signs to give us a call: discolored roofing, high energy bills & irregular temperatures, dirt-covered siding or awnings, stained driveway, overflowing gutters, and pests.

Why You Should Choose Ohio Power Wash LLC as Your Exterior Power Washing Company

So, why choose Ohio Power Wash LLC over a different local competitor? For over 6 years, our company has been focused on bringing you the best residential and commercial power washing service in the Dayton, OH area. Regardless of your type of service, we offer free quotes so that you know exactly what you’re paying for before we start a job. If you are unsatisfied with our work, we give every one of our customers a 100% guarantee that we will not take any form of payment until we achieve your highest expectations.
As a family-owned and operated business, our customers and their homes are our number one concern. You can always trust us to use the highest quality tools and cleaning solutions to rid your home or business from grime built up over years or even decades. Contact us today and schedule your first or continuing power washing service!

We Take Care of Our Local Heroes

At Ohio Power Wash, we take pride in providing excellent customer service to every one of our clients in the Dayton, Ohio area. However, we would like to take it a step further! Ohio Power Washing is now offering local heroes a 10% DISCOUNT on all of our power washing and exterior home cleaning services. If you are a police office, firefighter, senior citizen, or military veteran, or educator, call our shop today and let one of our staff members know so that you can get an additional 10% off your next power washing service.